Eye makeup

Makeup Ideas for Formal events

The right choice of your makeup can be essential for the special events so you should know some awesome makeup tricks to your formal makeup style. In that case, here I will suggest you great hacks of formal makeup and you will be informed about the key of stylish women look.diro_makeup

It is important to pay attention to your makeup, especially when you want to make an impression on people. It’s necessary to be confident with your look to be admired for beauty and style of yours. There are many ideas for formal makeup, but taken into consideration that special occasions require complex makeup, not just casual or regular ones.It is very important to turn to the right formal makeup with a suit or other formal outfit to complete your strong business look. Be sure your look is feminine and elegant, not going too dramatic or bold makeup look. Instead, choose natural looking makeup and try to enhance your eyes or your lips, not both at the same time. If you are not very skilled for formal makeup, you can turn to professional makeup artists, who create the perfect image for your facial features.

Makeup Trends of Spring/Summer 2015

This year is suggests crazy and impressive makeup trends for any type of personality and occasion. The mysterious smokey eyes and passionate rid lipstick are still trendy this year. Here I will suggest the makeup trends of this year to try it spring and summer 2015.spring_summer_2015_makeup_trends_red_lips11 (1)

This year the hairstyle and makeup is all about natural looking. Try less makeup focusing the care of your face. The natural look requires a profound skin care and healthy look.spring_summer_2015_makeup_trends_natural_no_makeup_look1

When it comes to bronzed complexion or translucent skin we should mention that we saw multiple nude makeup trends on the runway during the show fashion designers and brands.  

Excellent Makeup ideas from Carrie Underwood

Singer Carrie Underwood renowned for her music and for her looks. Carrie’s excellent makeup can be ideal for evening look. She prefers to focus on her eyes for the perfect special makeup look. Check out some great tips of her makeup and learn some helpful tricks as well. To change a casual look into a dramatic evening look is a simple step for Carrie Underwood who proved that a few enhancements can make the whole difference.

3carrieunderwoodmakeup Carrie says that for the night look she add some more mascara and eyeliner and for lips throws a little color on the lips with a gloss.  To change your look fast and make your face look fresh use good cleansing wipes that the removes makeup faster. She said that cleansing wipes are ideal as using just one simple swipe can take off makeup greatly.

Great Mascara hacks you should know

If you want to have great lashes with the right mascara you should know some great hacks. Use some of the best mascara hacks to get the perfect look with the less effort. Extend the life of your mascara and manage to apply it in a correct way learning these helpful tips for a great makeup look
mascara hacks 2

IF your old mascara gets clumpy don’t throw it away. Add a few drops of saline solution and your mascara will be new. Some mascaras tend to dry out after few months of use eye drops but ensure you’re gently swirling the wand to mix the liquid with the dried pigment. Another great hack you can make for mascaras is to bend your mascara wand. Bend the brush at a 45 degree angle to achieve the precise application.  It is useful for reaching the lashes toward the inner corner of your eyes.

Barbie Doll Makeup Tips

Barbie is an inspiration for little girls and it has inspired many girls in many ways including makeup look. It is the symbol of femininity and style which contributed to the doll’s success. Due to its interesting and beautiful designs it is a role model for most of girls even now. Take these Barbie makeup look s as an inspiration and learn how to have that sexy and chic makeup for you.barbiemakeup

First, you should know that Barbie makeup colors include baby pink, hot pink, raspberry, greens, blues, lavender etc and it is a must to use pastel, warm colors to express that warmth of Barbie dolls. So in order to make this look, use a powder foundation if you have normal or oily skin and liquid foundation for the dry skin.

Corrective Eye Makeup Tricks

To have corrective makeup look you must know some tricks that help your flaws to disappear. Some women resort to plastic surgery and some of them correct the flaws with the help of makeup. Here you will be informed about the corrective tips of the best eye makeup look. If you want to make your big and prominent eyes appear smaller you can use dark eye shadows and eyeliner around the eyes. For the casual look, use neutral eye shadow that is two tones darker of your skin tone. Apply it on the entire mobile lid, slightly pasting the crease and blending it.


Use black or dark brown eyeliner and smudge carefully both on the lash and lower lid. Waterline it and finish with volumizing mascara. Smokey eyes can also be perfect option. Take matte eye shadows glittery ones on the mobile lid- matte ones help minimize the lids making eyes appear smaller and deep set. As the highlights, use lighter shimmery but sparingly on the brow bone, under the eyebrows.

Professional Tricks For Long-lasting Makeup

Makeup always helps women to enhance their feminine beauty if making a good choice. But sometimes good makeup look doesn’t depend on the product used, but some hectic lifestyles, busy schedules and different environmental factors that cause bad makeup look. You will suddenly discover that your mascara is running or the lipstick has simply vanished.  Here I will recommend a few porfessional tricks for your long-lasting makeup. The first factor of long lasting makeup is to prepare your skin for makeup. It is not essential for your makeup staying in place longer but also for a healthy skin. So before the makeup cleanse your skin and moisturize with day cream you normally use. Leave it for a few minutes allowing the cream to enter the skin making it more receptive to the makeup products.liquidlinerapplication

The second step is to apply a foundation that works for your skin complexion. Use foundation that has a fluid texture is oil-free and can work for every skin type. Apply it with a small makeup sponge and leave it for a few moments, then cover your face with a light layer of powder to fix it. Another trick for a long lasting foundation is to wet your hands and gently press them on the skin after applying the foundation. This trick helps the product to enter into the pores and fix it better. Lots of makeup artists use this technique to achieve the best result.

Magic Makeup Ideas from Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift owns beautiful and trendy makeup that we can take as an inspiration. Her famous winged eye makeup is a trendy choice among other celebrities. Her sexy and retro vibe winged eye makeup transforms the casual day look into a special one.  Winged eyes makeup leaves a wonderful effect on her beautiful eyes and it has already become a beauty statement copied by her fans. If you want to have winged eye makeup, follow these steps: first apply a cream eye shadow on the eyelid. Take a gel and eyeliner and layer it across the lash line winging it slightly.taylor_swift_eye_makeup_tips

Leave it few seconds for the eyeliner dry and then apply the gel eyeliner on the area under the lower eyelid. Apply the eyeliner just on the corner of the eye, not all the way.

Makeup Tips for Blue Eyes

If you have blue eyes and you want to make them pop, read my suggestions for your great makeup look. First, I need to remind you that blue eyes are calm and intense so you don’t need to try different eye shadows to find the best. Applying shadows that have sheer and lighter colors can make your blue eyes pop.zmk6bqrm

Take two different shades of sheer together, like copper and light brown tones and they will look great on your blue eyes. If you don’t want to wear sheer shadows you can also try matte shadow colors. You can apply it for an office look but in case of evening parties, take a bit of shimmer and shine shadows.

Makeup Ideas For Brown Eyes

If you want to know which makeup can work for brown eyes, we recommend you to read this post. Try makeup ideas that are a bit more natural and go for neutral shades. The shades, like peach, taupe or brown are the best colors that look awesome with brown eyes. You can also these colors for eyeliner that will really highlight your eyes. White liner is also the perfect option for eyes. Though some of ladies think white liner is not attractive, but pairing it with metallic tones it can look incredible. This is the great makeup trick for brown eyes that lot of people can’t know. Purple shade is also great idea for brown eyes making it look beautiful. Switch out ladies your brown or black eyeliner for deep plum eyeliner.16191524_8975

You can see a huge difference after it. Add a bit of shimmer to match your shadow which makes your eyes pop and it’s one of the best tricks for brown eyes.