Eye makeup

Makeup Tips to Make Your Face Appear Slimmer

There is no need to spend all your money on plastic surgeries to make your face appear slimmer. Magic makeup tips can help you to reduce a few inches of the face. Follow my post to learn which are that secret makeup tips to look slimmer and emphasize the best features of your face. Makeup artists suggest us some makeup products and the right application methods to have the same effect like the plastic surgery will have. It is very important to consider the different shaped faces, but some basic factors can work any of them. Here are makeup tips to make your face look slimmer and look stunning.makeup tips to look slimmer

The eye makeup is very important as the right apply of makeup can shift the attention from the disproportions of the face and accentuate beautiful eyes. You should find the eye shadow and eyeliner combination that can work great for your eye color and shape.

Makeup Tips for Short Eyelashes

When you have short eyelashes and you want to find tricks to give them volume and length, follow my post and you will be informed about makeup tips. In order to get the desired effect, you should know how to apply mascara and how to find best mascara to give volume for your short eyelashes. So learn here how to long and beautiful lashes and know the prep before applying the mascara.makeup for short lashes

First you should use an eyelash curler before the mascara to make your lashes longer. Then, it’s time for the mascara choice. There are many types of mascaras but the most effective ones for short eyelashes are lengthening mascaras that will make your eyelashes pop and your eyes will appear bigger and brighter.

Makeup Ideas Due to Eyes Shape

You should apply the eyeliner, pencil or liquid due to the shape of your eyes to make them pop. The way of applying your eyeliner is also very important and with the help of these simple tricks you will have very flattering look. If you have problems of creating straight line or even the perfect curved one, aim the dotting the line before completing it, and it doesn’t matter which shape of eye you have. With the help of simple tip, you can create perfect eye makeup working perfect for your facial features.almond_eyes

If you have almond eyes you can work with any kind of eyeliner but never go wrong with a cat eye. Start making thinner line at the inner corners of the eyes and increase the thickness towards the outer corners. You should line the lower lash line to focus the attention on your eyes.

Makeup Ideas for School Girls

It is very important to find school makeup ideas to look fabulous yet natural. The best way is to try ideas of makeup from natural styles. You should find an appropriate makeup for the school that can transform your look instantly by embracing your natural beauty. Learn here what makeup to adapt for your age and occasion to look fabulous. Youthful skin allows teen to look great even without makeup, but still you can try some ideas for you. Don’t go too heavy makeup, as it can destroy your look instead of making it great.bare makeup ideas

The bare makeup may seem bring, but if you have flawless and perfect skin, this makeup style can the best for you. It is the favorite choice of celebrities and models on the runway fashion presentations.

What You Should Do with Damaged Eyebrows

If your eyebrows are ruined the best thing you can do to wait until the plucked hair will grow. It may require time and patience and you also need to know some important tips in case of your damaged eyebrows.  Eyebrows can be the major beauty accessory for your face and if something is wrong, they can instantly change your look. In that case many celebrities go for the best beauticians to shape their eyebrows greatly. If you’re doing the shaping of your own eyebrows, you can easily make many mistakes. If you do a single wrong move it will result the ruined shape of your eyebrows.Eyebrows

People with different face shapes can feature the best look with the different eyebrow shapes. You should find well qualified beautician that have the better view of points when shaping your eyebrows. The most difficulty is to create equal shaped eyebrows. If you do it yourself, you will actually miss to see both eyebrows and this may cause error to intervene it easier.

How To Hide Wrinkles with Makeup

Aging is not a problem, if you know how to adapt your makeup routine. Even wrinkles can be hided, if you learn the makeup tips for that issue. You can easily make your look younger and fresh by preparing the best makeup products to use. But sometimes, no good makeup products can do magic, if you don’t prepare your skin good before applying them. Each time you use makeup, make sure your skin is moisturized.makeup to hide wrinkles

You should apply it on damp skin and pay your attention mostly around the eyes as this zone is very sensitive and prone to early wrinkle development.  If you want to have the right makeup look, stop using powder foundation and use creamy consistency instead. Though concealer can hide the wrinkles, but if you use it too much, it can only highlight them. Powdery makeup is not a good choice for most women, as it can only highlight wrinkles and fine lines. You should avoid using powder or apply a bit of it.

Glam Smoky Eyes Makeup

Smoky eyes create the image of glamorous, attractive image of women. Here you will learn gorgeous smoky eyes makeup tips to wear it for special events. Beautiful eyes draw attention immediately and this eyes makeup can make them pop.  Find the steps of the smoky eyes makeup and do it for yourself, it’s simple.smoky-eyes 1

Use professional makeup brushes to achieve best effect of smoky eyes. Before applying eye shadow, make sure you used primer on your eyelid. This will help eye shadow have a longer stay on your eyes. Find good eye shadows to create perfect smoky eyes effect. You should use 3 eye shadow colors that can be shimmery or matte. Try creamy or powder eye shadows, depending on your own choice.

Makeup Tips to Look Younger

If you want to know makeup tips that can make you look younger, follow my post and you will learn some of them. Makeup is a bit tricky option. Sometimes it can really ruin your look or on the contrary help you to look younger and fresh. The best thing for looking younger with makeup is to leave all the crazy colors and try natural makeup ideas. You don’t have to use skin care products or anti-aging plastic surgery, when there is a wonderful friend for you to look younger.-makeup-tips to look younger

Before starting to apply makeup products, make sure your skin is exfoliated once or twice a week. If you get rid of all dead skin cells, it will allow your makeup to absorb better into your skin rather than sitting on your skin. Moisturize your skin and make sure you use SPF protection in your moisturizer or foundation.

Makeup Ideas for Small Eyes

For small eyes there are many makeup tips to make them pop. Just follow here some makeup ideas and learn which color can make your eyes look bigger.  The classic way is actually to apply brighter colors at the inner corners of the eyes and darker at the outer ones but there are more ideas you can try to make the illusion of open eye. Follow these options of eyes makeup and you will have the desired effect of your eyes.makeup-for-small-eyes

The first thing you should pay attention before using more sophisticated makeup tips for small eyes is to apply brightening concealer. Dark circles under the eyes can only make them look smaller and you can this with the use of concealer. The brightening concealer should be under your eyes to reflect light and make them pop.

Makeup Ideas for Dark Skin Complexion

Summer warm days will come soon and we should find appropriate makeup ideas for us.  If you like dewy makeup ideas here are some of them to have glamorous and stylish look. If you skin is dark, find the option for you, or leave the matte complexion for your fair skin tone and try the summer glam makeup to stand out from the crowd. There are many ideas of dewy makeup and you can find some of them here.  cb8305885f12b44c207cc50ef0346bbdThe major thing of any makeup option is to start with healthy looking skin. Prepare yourself with great skin care to achieve the best results of makeup. Glowing skin is definitely the trendiest idea for summer and you can make dark skin glow with these fabulous tips.