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2014 Spring Makeup Tips for Teens

The idea of perfect makeup is to enhance your natural beauty with minimal makeup. When talking about makeup tips for teens the most important thing to be mentioned is high quality products with lightweight texture that will not overload your youthful skin with makeup.

The coming season is all about natural and delicate colors that will be suitable for all ages. The following makeup tips will take your beauty skills to the next level and inspire you for beautiful makeover.


Give your eyes lovely and sultry look with pencil eyeliner. All you have to do is to apply the pencil close to the lash line and smudge it gently for natural look. Bright colored blush will add fresh and illuminating tone to your skin. At last finish your look with sheer lip gloss or nude lipstick that will be in perfect harmony with your natural eye makeup.

Simple Tips to Create Smoky Eye Makeup

Classy smoky eye makeup is most popular one for day time and evening look. The following makeup application tips will help you to create dramatic look. Keep on hand creamy black base, matte black eyeshadow, nude eyeshadow hue that will be close to your skin tone, black eye kohl and shimmery black eyeshadow for glamorous look. In order to create flawless and perfect eye makeup keep on hand professional brush set that will help you to create dazzling look without any effort.

Begin the application process with a creamy black base. Apply the base on the inner corner of your eyelid and blend it upwards and to the outer corner. Flat brush will be just perfect to apply the base. Try to give a curved shape similar to the curvature of your eye.

black eye makeup 2014black makeup highlights 2014

meke up for eyes 2014Classy smoky eye makeup

Next thing you should do is to take a blending brush and a matte black eyeshadow. Apply the eyeshadow all over the base. Make sure you blend the edges for soft and delicate line. Even if you go over the edges of the black base, do not worry.

When you have finished with black eyeshadow, pick nude eyeshadow with the brush for highlighter and apply the hue on the browbone and blend it to the inner corner and downwards to the black shade. You can also use gray eyeshadow to cover the edge of the black. You should blend the colors to create very soft edge. The below shown pictures will help you to create perfect eye makeup.

2014 Bold Eye Makeup Ideas

It is high time to break out of your boring shell and spice up your look with one of the following bold eyemakeupideas. Furthermore, you will explore latest application techniques that will take your beauty skills to the next level.

2014 Bold Eye Makeup Ideas

Every year pro artists offer new ideas of makeup that will help real fashionistas to have red carpet worth look. All you have to do is to keep on hand intense and glittery hues and get ready for transformation. The secret of flawless and long lasting makeup is high class products that will not damage your skin so always use high quality makeup items.

Natural Makeup Ideas for Spring 2014

If you are looking for new ways of enhancing your natural beauty, this article will show you latest makeup tips that will help you to highlight your best features and at the same time have natural and subtle look.  Check out the following runway inspired natural makeup ideas and inspire yourself for your next hot look.

Face Makeup Looks for Spring 2014 01

The buzzword of coming season is natural and subtle look with bare lips and nude eye makeup, so keep on hand your favorite makeup kits and get ready for beautiful makeover. These simple yet feminine makeup ideas will give you a chance to create show-stopping look in less than five minutes. Furthermore, such ultra flattering and natural makeup will be suitable for casual and evening look.

Face Makeup Looks for Spring 2014 02

The first image to be mentioned is Dior’s glamorous look that features nude and delicate rose shades perfectly suitable for any complexion. In order to create similar hot look use foundation for illuminating and flawless skin tone, highlighter with light shimmer to emphasize your facial features and a nude lipstick to give your lips sultry appearance. Black mascara will be finishing touch to your elegant look.

Chic Eye Makeup Ideas for Thick Eyebrows

Thick eyebrows may look harsh and heavy until you learn few application tips that will help you to create chic eye makeup. If you are in need of inspiration, you can check out latest fashion shows where beauty icons had thick eyebrows highlighted with dazzling eye makeup.

The best eye makeup that can make your eyes look sexy and at the same time give your eyebrows less heavy look is classy smokey eye makeup. Such makeup can be suitable for daytime as well as evening look.

2014 eye makeup look

2014 Dramatic Mermaid Makeup Look

Recently alternative makeup has become very popular for different special occasions. Furthermore, most runway shows are all about alternative and dramatic makeup looks. The most popular alternative makeup that looks dramatic yet very hot and seductive is mermaid makeup. Such party perfect makeup can also be suitable for daytime if you opt for more natural look.

2014 dramatic mermaid makeup

Mermaid makeup is a reflection of blue ocean so blue color is the one you should use. Dewy skin is another important detail to have mermaid look. So if you want to create dramatic mermaid look, check out the following tips that will help you to create desired look.

2014 Black Eye Makeup Tips for Dark Eyes

Eyes are considered to be the gateway to the soul, that’s why proper eye makeup has great impact on your look. If you are blessed with dark eyes, you can experiment with dark eye makeup and still have smashing look. Furthermore, black eye makeup is the best choice to make the most of your beautiful eyes. The following black eye makeup tips will help you to boost your sexuality and femininity so keep on hand your favorite makeup kit and get ready for beautiful makeover.

2014 black eye makeup

First tip that will help you to accentuate your dark eyes is kohl. Black eyeliner can also help you to create defined eyes; however, kohl will last longer and will provide you with intense color. Mascara is next best thing to pamper your look. Magnify your lashes with two or three coats of mascara to boost the volume of your lashes and give your eyes spectacular look.

2014 Sexy Aqua Eye Makeup Look

Aqua eye makeup is still hot and very popular for both cold and hot weather. If you missed your chance to create sexy aqua eye makeup during winter, you can still practice your application skills to create stunning aqua eyes for coming summer and beach parties. Due to wide palette of eyeshadow hues you can choose the best shade that will be suitable for your complexion. Here are the hottest aqua eye makeup looks that will inspire you to create smashing eye makeup for special occasion.

2014 sexy aqua eye makeup

Turquoise is the most popular and most frequently used color for aqua eye makeup. You can use turquoise eyeshadow, mascara or eyeliner but make sure you do not use one color for eye makeup. You can combine turquoise eyeliner with silver eyeshadow and have breathtaking look.

Silver shade is the best choice to complete your aqua eye makeup. You can just complete your aqua eye makeup with silver eyeliner on the lower lashline that will define your glimpse and magnify your look.

2014 Bold Emo Makeup Ideas

Emo style has become very popular among teen girls as well as boys. The most characteristic features of emo style are bold hairstyle combined with vibrant hair color and dramatic makeup. If you have already adopted emo hairstyle, it is time to learn few application techniques that will help you to complete your image.

Emo makeup is really dramatic with dark eye makeup, pale skin and intense lip color. Do not shy away from overloading your face with makeup. The only thing you should do is to practice your skills to create long lasting and flawless makeup. So keep on hand your makeup kit and check out the following tips to create bold emo look.

2014 dramatic emo makeup

2014 lovely emo look

Begin your transformation with the foundation. Forget about the rules about natural skin tone without mask effect. Try to create pale skin with lighter foundation and skip using bronzer. If you want to highlight your cheeks you can use light pink blush.

2014 Dramatic Punk Eye Makeup

If you are looking for new ways to complete your punk style, take a peek at the following selection of dramatic punk eye makeup ideas that will inspire you to break all the patterns and norms with your non-conformist makeup look.

Makeup has great impact on your look so before opting for such bold look make sure you will feel confident being in the center of everyone’s attention. These dramatic punk eye makeup ideas will be perfect for parties and different special occasions so you can easily adopt one of the most beloved images even if you are not a punk.

2014 red smokey eye makeup

2014 punk makeup look

Smokey eye makeup is the best option to create dramatic look. In order to create punk eye makeup go for red smokey eye makeup that will look really edgy and jaw dropping. Try to find rich pigmented red eyeshadow that will provide you with intense makeup. First of all prepare your eyes for makeup. Makeup primer will help you to create long lasting and flawless makeup. Next apply red eyeshadow on the eyelid and blend it. Then apply darker shade on the crease and again blend the colors. Take tine amount of eyeshadow and apply on the lower lashline for more spectacular look. You can also apply white shimmery shade on the inner corner to define your eyes. At last finish your eye makeup with two coats of mascara to boost the volume of your lashes.