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Magic chic Makeup Ideas from Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift owns beautiful and trendy makeup that we can take as an inspiration. Her famous winged eye makeup is a trendy choice among other celebrities. Her sexy and retro vibe winged eye makeup transforms the casual day look into a special one.  Winged eyes makeup leaves a wonderful effect on her beautiful eyes and it has already become a beauty statement copied by her fans. If you want to have winged eye makeup, follow these steps: first apply a cream eye shadow on the eyelid. Take a gel and eyeliner and layer it across the lash line winging it slightly.taylor_swift_eye_makeup_tips

Leave it few seconds for the eyeliner dry and then apply the gel eyeliner on the area under the lower eyelid. Apply the eyeliner just on the corner of the eye, not all the way.

Makeup Tips for Blue Eyes

If you have blue eyes and you want to make them pop, read my suggestions for your great makeup look. First, I need to remind you that blue eyes are calm and intense so you don’t need to try different eye shadows to find the best. Applying shadows that have sheer and lighter colors can make your blue eyes pop.zmk6bqrm

Take two different shades of sheer together, like copper and light brown tones and they will look great on your blue eyes. If you don’t want to wear sheer shadows you can also try matte shadow colors. You can apply it for an office look but in case of evening parties, take a bit of shimmer and shine shadows.

Makeup Ideas For Brown Eyes

If you want to know which makeup can work for brown eyes, we recommend you to read this post. Try makeup ideas that are a bit more natural and go for neutral shades. The shades, like peach, taupe or brown are the best colors that look awesome with brown eyes. You can also these colors for eyeliner that will really highlight your eyes. White liner is also the perfect option for eyes. Though some of ladies think white liner is not attractive, but pairing it with metallic tones it can look incredible. This is the great makeup trick for brown eyes that lot of people can’t know. Purple shade is also great idea for brown eyes making it look beautiful. Switch out ladies your brown or black eyeliner for deep plum eyeliner.16191524_8975

You can see a huge difference after it. Add a bit of shimmer to match your shadow which makes your eyes pop and it’s one of the best tricks for brown eyes.

Trendy Makeup Ideas

Here we will introduce the interview with Lili Choi, Korean Makeup Artist based in Paris France. She gives knowledge about the latest trends and skills and new ideas for make-up. Lili says that she loves expressive eyebrows that can show and emphasize any personality. She also likes little rock punk smoky eyes done with transparent creamy black eye shadow. So let’s check out some great options of make-up trends. She says that this year is all about natural skin look, and thick eyebrows with little rock punk smoky eyes. It can be complimented with mascara in 60’s style with red lipstick.make-up-mascara

Natural skin look allows you to play with rosy lips and peachy cheeks. The skin should be nearly transparent, and in case of freckles, let them show. Brows must look natural, but thick eyebrows can give more expression and personality. In that case just draw a little hair one by one. With the use of transparent creamy black eye shadow you can create a little rock punk smoky eyes. Mascara in 60’ style can be on the upper and lower lashes combined with natural skin. Make your look more daring adding red or berry/cherry lipstick making textures rather matte.

Eye Makeup Tips for Green Eyes

The idea of perfect makeup is to bring out your natural beauty and sensuality that’s why you should know basic application techniques that will help you to emphasize your best features and at the same time hide your little faults. The secret of professional makeup is to find shades suitable for your skin tone as well as eye color.

Green Eyes makeupcat eye green makeup 2014

gothic_makeup_ideasdark green eyes makeup

This article is devoted to ladies with green eyes, so if you have green eyes and you want to enhance your natural beauty, check out the following eye makeup tips for green eyes and practice your application skills to create seductive look.

The best way to bring out your mysterious green eyes is to use vibrant and intense eyeshadow colors like plum, purple, mauve, lilac, copper and brown. For more breathtaking look combine light and dark colors or go for single tone eye makeup for more natural and subtle look. Such bold eye makeup will boost your sexuality and keep all eyes on you. Cool and nude shades like white or silver will make your face look pale so you’d better stay away from using these hues. If you want to add dimension to your eyes, use brown eyeliner instead of black one. For bolder makeup you can use golden or bronze eyeliner.

2014 Makeup Ideas for Brown Eyes

If you are blessed with brown eyes you are free to experiment with all the colors and have stylish look. However if you are in need of inspiration for next beautiful makeover, this article will show you the hottest makeup ideas for brown eyes that are easy-to-do. Do not think twice and use darker shades to add dramatic and flirty allure to your look. There are several types of brown eyes so if you have brown eyes find out the most fabulous eye makeup that will bring out your natural beauty.

Brown eyes makeup 2014brown eyes 2014

eye brown makeup 2014

2014 makeup for brown eyes

Dark Brown eyes makeup

If you have dark brown eyes, choose dark eyeshadow hues that will be in harmony with your eyes. The only thing about this eye color is that sometimes dark eye makeup can look harsh. In this case you should combine dark and light shades to define your glimpse.

Eye Makeup Tips to Hide Wrinkles

Makeup has great impact on your image, especially if you want to hide little imperfections like fine lines and wrinkles. Nowadays there are numerous brands that promise you to deal with wrinkles. Most of them are expensive and not everyone can afford it, the rest of products are simply useless. However, there is no need to panic. You can easily hide small wrinkles with proper makeup.

Natural eye makeup

If you have wrinkles under eyes, you can make them more visible with wrong eye makeup that’s why it is utterly important to learn few basic rules that will help you to hide imperfections. First of all stay away from shimmery and intense eyeshadow hues; instead opt for subtle matte shades that will add elegant touch to your look.

Amazing Makeup Ideas for Green Eyes

Ladies with green eyes have something mysterious and magnetic in their appearance but wrong eye makeup can ruin the image, so if you have green eyes, check out the following amazing eye makeup ideas that will arm you up with few simple tips to complete your sexy look.  As the buzzword of new season is bold makeup with vibrant colors, keep on hand your favorite eyeshadow palette and get ready for beautiful makeover.

Makeup For Green Eyesgreen eye makeup ideas

2014 Eye Makeup


The best way to bring out green eyes is to use plum eyeshadow and mauve eye pencil.  If your eyes are close-set, apply the pencil on the inner corner of your eyes. For flirty look create cat eye makeup with dark purple eyeshadow. Such makeup will be just perfect for party time and be sure you will stand out from the rest of the crowd with your unique beauty.

Makeup Ideas for Winter 2014

Spice up cold winter days with dazzling makeup that will enhance your natural beauty and make you stand out from the rest of the crowd. The most important thing about winter makeup is proper skin care that will keep your skin moisturized and flawless.  Cosmetic industry is awash with numerous skin care products to choose from. You can also use homemade masks that will revitalize your skin with minerals and vitamins.

Natural Make Up for winter 2014natural beauty

Natural makeup for blonde womannew makeup ideas for blue eyes

The following makeup ideas for winter will inspire you to create natural as well as bolder makeup for party time. All you have to do is to keep on hand your favorite makeup kits and get ready for beautiful makeover.

Natural Makeup

Natural and subtle makeup always looks so hot and feminine. The great advantage of natural makeup is low maintenance so that you can easily create luscious look without any effort. Use earthy eyeshadow hue to define your glimpse, create illuminating skin tone with lightweight foundation and powder, highlight your cheeks with a blush in pastel or pale pink color and finish your makeup with glittery lipgloss.

Trendy Makeup Ideas for 2014

The buzzword of new season is versatility in fashion and makeup. This year you are free to experiment both subtle and bold images that will boost your sexuality and natural beauty. When talking about trendy eye makeup ideas for 2014 I should say that the most popular look of this season is natural eye makeup. Such delicate makeup will be suitable for winter and spring. Earthy and pastel eyeshadow hues will beautifully highlight your eyes.

eye-care-makeup-2014runway halloween makeup

runway makeup 2014 for springTrendy Makeup Ideas for 2014

Next trendy eye makeup idea that will complete your bold evening look is smokey eye makeup. You can also experiment with vibrant and bright shades to create non traditional smokey eye makeup. Bright and fruity shades like orange, red, fuchsia, green, blue and yellow will be perfect for spring and summer. If you have chosen bolder eye makeup you should highlight your lips with subtle lipstick or lip gloss. Intense lip color will look just irresistible when combined with cat eye makeup.