Eye makeup

Tips About Cleansing Wipes

Cleansing wipes are practical for makeup removal but sometimes they may appear not delivering the purpose of quick and efficient removal from the face. Some may do of course, but they contain toxic ingredients that will be harmful for your face. Find here, how to choose the right cleansing wipes for you and learn some bad causes of it. You may also consider stop using them and try something else instead of that.makeup_removal_wipes

As we have already mentioned some wipes can’t do the job.  They don’t collect all the makeup oil, dead skin cells and dirt that is required for the regular wipes. And it is not a good solution to try multiple wipes as you will cause for damage to your skin.

How to have great natural makeup look

The choice of certain makeup is according to occasion you will take part. But natural makeup is something that can look awesome for casual and special events as well. Some ladies even prefer to have it on their wedding day. It is the best way to show off your natural beauty and be confident with your look. Less is more is the main rule of natural makeup, so be ready to learn some basic tips and tricks for the great makeup.Natural makeup

Keep in mind that saying the natural, means to emphasize the naturalness of your look, and hide some small imperfections without going to bold. You should avoid using nacreous textures and try matte ones instead. For the best makeup the discretion and naturalness are the essential part of it. Try translucent powder instead of normal that can replace the foundation and give a matte effect to your makeup.

Use eye shadows that are close to your skin tone to have natural effect of your makeup. Make sure the skin complexion in not in contrast of your makeup, as it can draw attention and destroy the naturalness of your makeup.

Secrets of The Great Makeup Look

Here you will find some informative tips for makeup look and also learn the basic makeup ideas from celebrities.Keri Hilson’s look is always elegant and accurate and you can take some inspirations from her red carpet appearances. Many celebrities wear popular smoky eyes and Keri is not an exception. Her smoky eyes makeup allows her to bring out her hazel eye color and enhance her glimpse with subtle elegance. kerihilsonmakeup-brownsmokeyeyes

You can have her smoky eyes makeup if you follow the mentioned steps. For the first you can apply a matte or sparkling black as a base. Then take eyeliner and define the shape of your eyes adding catching allure and depth to them. For the lipstick choice you can try nude colors, like Keri did, to give the focus on the refined eyes. Do the same look to be able to look fabulous and don’t spoil the appearance of your sophisticated eyes.

Cat Eyes Makeup from Selena Gomez

Cat eye makeup has already become the signature of Selena Gomez’s makeup and if you love it that look you can create it following the steps. The smoky cat eyes with red lipstick will work brown hair and dark eyes as well. For the first you should apply a foundation with golden-yellow undertones that hide any imperfection and make a flawless skin. Set the foundation using a powder.

And here are the steps of eye makeup that is rather easy to create yourself. Apply eye shadow primer on upper and lower eyelids. Use a concealer with a small synthetic stiff brush to hide uncovered blemishes and set it again using a powder.

Bring out the look using a shimmery gold eye shadow on the upper lid. To achieve the luminous effect you should apply the same shimmery eye shadow in the inner corner of the eyes and on the lower lids.selena_gomez_makeup_tutorial_video

Contour the crease using a matte brown eye shadow and make a lift cat eye effect using the same shade in the outer corners. You should blend it till you get natural transition between the colors. Create a cat eye shape and define the lash line using the same brown eye shadow with the help of a thin stiff brush. Use a round fluffy brush and touch up your makeover. Take a matte black eye shadow and intensify the flick in the outer corner of your eye and contour the lower eyelid. With a concealer brush apply a highlighter on your brow bone and contour your eyebrows with ashy brown eye shadow using a thin angular brush. Use liquid black eyeliner to define your lash line.

Your Charming Look for Spring

Spring is the time to change your beauty routine and find the best matching colors for the wonderful shiny days. Here we will suggest some new colorings to refresh your look and enjoy the sunny days of spring time. These colors we suggest, will work for all beautiful ladies and enhance your best features. Rock this spring with these lovely shades and be sure you will look as beautiful as the flowers blooming near you.Shu-Uemura-Blossom-Eye-Shadow-Makeup-Spring-

Pastels will look great for everyone and you can use it for your strands or peepers and even your pout. You can turn your locks lavender and if you afraid of that great change, you can use hair chalks. If you prefer that coloring option you can also try green or blue that will look amazing.

Palette Purple Eye Makeup Ideas

The great use of purple eyeshadow can draw attention instantly. This may be the first shade you tried and since then you might stopped the use in your makeup. The favorite colors for eye makeup may include neutral collections of nudes, chocolate brown and charcoal grey that wouldn’t make the powerful change for your look. Purple instead is commonly the color of royals and power and will look amazing on your eyelids. Depending on the choice of color for your eyes you can pair this color with red or chocolate brown lipstick, a bronzed cheek and more.lo_besc5pu

This shade has the range of opportunities for eye makeup like barely-lavender or dark and midnight plum. This is a color to be the big player in the runway beauty being spotted on models. Designers like Chloe and Vera Wang introduced different options of purple eye makeup and that rock their models look. For the great eye makeup with purple you need to find the shade that will work best for you and blending is the great solution.

Trends of Spring Makeup 2015 from New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week introduced spring beauty trends 2015 and they are quite important tips to know for your stylish look. Find the makeup trends of spring 2015 and choose your favorite options. There are many returning trends with brand new ideas that will make any women to look modern and lovely for this year. embedded_blue_eyeshadow_honor_spring_2015We have spotted models wearing bold eye colors during the event. Bright and vibrant colors made a big statement on the runway and they may include on the top eyelids or on both. The most daring colors were blue and green glitter.embedded_bold_eyeshadow_cushnie_et_ochs_spring_2015

To make graphic statement without vibrant colors have a look this relaxed look. Nanette Lepore introduced white and Cushine et Ochs solid black shades.

Pop Eye Makeup Ideas

Makeup can make your look special and gorgeous. To have a fabulous look you should know makeup secrets to be revealed in this post. It basically depends on your facial features and your complexion. There are many effective options of makeup that will look absolutely on every type of skin tones and face. You can try makeup ideas for your choice but be sure you know the makeup secrets for best look.Makeup-Ideas-10

The first thing you should do is to find the option that will look natural on your face. For that you should use makeup perfectly so that it will be proper on your skin. To achieve the best look you can apply mascara on your eyebrow using a spoon made of plastic. This will make a thicker coat and it will enhance your look even more.

Makeup Removal Tips

Makeup remover is very important tip for skin care and you should know the proper removal it from your face. There are two choices for this washing your face water or using any makeup remover product. Both products applying on your face is essential part of beauty care routine. Makeup remover will clear out the makeup residue from the face and you should apply this every night to keep your skin fresh and clean. Face wash removes the oils, dust and bacteria and prevents the breakouts and blemishes.makeup_

The face wash takes a little time compared with makeup remover and for the effective result ones should cleanse the face for minute to clear out any bacteria or dirt that leads to the clogging pores of skin. For the face wash keep it alcohol free for normal or dry skin and try non comedogenic formula for oily skin. For the makeup remover the choices are much. The wipes are an easy solution for the removal and choose the products that are gentle and easy to use.

Natural Makeup Colors For Everyone

Many women think that selecting the makeup colors are hard, actually the truth is the most gorgeous shades can be easily chosen. If you have enough knowledge about the makeup color features there is no need to be confused. Here we will suggest the right choice of makeup colors with simple tips.

The basic tips for the right selection of colors can be to stick the tones that can match your skin tone and choose colors from the opposite aspects to make your eyes pop.  There is a serious disadvantage for some women who are lack of time don’t allow a lot of time for themselves. But if you take these simple tips you will know which color is universally gorgeous and can avoid from stress for the lack of time.makeup_8

For the choice of blush color the shades of pink is classy and can go for almost any skin type. However some experts believe that the pale rose pink color is the ideal for all skin tones and this kind of shade works for the outfit very well. Bright pink works for the all complexion as well, but avoid using the matte shades as it don’t give the desired effect.