Makeup 2014

Spring Paul & Joe Makeup Collection 2014

New makeup 2014 collection by Paul & Joe is inspired by designer Sophie Albou’s cat and her beloved pet is transposed in every item of the collection. If you want to turn the application process into a real fun, check out Paul & Joe new collection.


Besides of lovely and colorful design new collection is a fabulous lineup of high class makeup that will help you to create flawless and long lasting makeup. This collection includes light and earthy shades that will spice up spring days with flirty allure. Both glittery and mate shades will be suitable for any occasion. Natural ingredients will be harmless for you; furthermore, natural oils will moisturize and protect your skin.

2014 Makeup Ideas for Brown Eyes

If you are blessed with brown eyes you are free to experiment with all the colors and have stylish look. However if you are in need of inspiration for next beautiful makeover, this article will show you the hottest makeup ideas for brown eyes that are easy-to-do. Do not think twice and use darker shades to add dramatic and flirty allure to your look. There are several types of brown eyes so if you have brown eyes find out the most fabulous eye makeup that will bring out your natural beauty.

Brown eyes makeup 2014brown eyes 2014

eye brown makeup 2014

2014 makeup for brown eyes

Dark Brown eyes makeup

If you have dark brown eyes, choose dark eyeshadow hues that will be in harmony with your eyes. The only thing about this eye color is that sometimes dark eye makeup can look harsh. In this case you should combine dark and light shades to define your glimpse.

Makeup Tips for Tanned Skin

Sun kissed skin tone is the first condition of having sexy and hot look. If you have tanned skin tone you should learn few basic application tips that will help you to make the most of your skin tone and make you stand out from the rest of the crowd with your smashing look.

First step you should do is to find proper foundation for your skin tone. In order to create glowing look opt for lightweight powder or mousse. Such trick will hide all the imperfections of your skin and at the same time will not cover your sun kissed skin. You can also opt for mineral foundation that will blend perfectly into your skin and provide you with long lasting makeup. Teens can use tinted moisturizer that will not overload young skin with makeup.

sexy tanned skin

Amazing Makeup Ideas for Green Eyes

Ladies with green eyes have something mysterious and magnetic in their appearance but wrong eye makeup can ruin the image, so if you have green eyes, check out the following amazing eye makeup ideas that will arm you up with few simple tips to complete your sexy look.  As the buzzword of new season is bold makeup with vibrant colors, keep on hand your favorite eyeshadow palette and get ready for beautiful makeover.

Makeup For Green Eyesgreen eye makeup ideas

2014 Eye Makeup


The best way to bring out green eyes is to use plum eyeshadow and mauve eye pencil.  If your eyes are close-set, apply the pencil on the inner corner of your eyes. For flirty look create cat eye makeup with dark purple eyeshadow. Such makeup will be just perfect for party time and be sure you will stand out from the rest of the crowd with your unique beauty.

Trendy Makeup Ideas for 2014

The buzzword of new season is versatility in fashion and makeup. This year you are free to experiment both subtle and bold images that will boost your sexuality and natural beauty. When talking about trendy eye makeup ideas for 2014 I should say that the most popular look of this season is natural eye makeup. Such delicate makeup will be suitable for winter and spring. Earthy and pastel eyeshadow hues will beautifully highlight your eyes.

eye-care-makeup-2014runway halloween makeup

runway makeup 2014 for springTrendy Makeup Ideas for 2014

Next trendy eye makeup idea that will complete your bold evening look is smokey eye makeup. You can also experiment with vibrant and bright shades to create non traditional smokey eye makeup. Bright and fruity shades like orange, red, fuchsia, green, blue and yellow will be perfect for spring and summer. If you have chosen bolder eye makeup you should highlight your lips with subtle lipstick or lip gloss. Intense lip color will look just irresistible when combined with cat eye makeup.

Bronze in Bloom Collection by Elizabeth Arden

If you want to create ultra hot and sexy look for summer, check out Elizabeth Arden Bronze in Bloom makeup collection. This limited edition features smashing parade of high quality makeup products that will add golden shimmer to your look.

Bronze in Bloom Summer 2014

Bronze in Bloom collection includes all the necessary things that will help you to create flawless and illuminating skin tone. The main idea of summer makeup is to find products that will not overload your look with makeup. This gorgeous collection includes luxurious powders and blushes as well as ultra flattering eyeshadow quads that will be perfect for summer. Check out Elizabeth Arden new makeup collections and pick new season favorites.

Bronze in Bloom makeup 2014

Add glam shine to your skin with Elizabeth Arden Pure Finish Mineral Bronzing Powder. This bronzing powder will create sexual sun kissed skin tone. Furthermore, this powder will moisturize your kin with minerals and natural oils. The angled brush will help you to apply the powder easily. This edition also includes Pure Finish Mineral Cheekcolor in Sun-Kissed Coral shade that will give your cheeks fresh and glossy color.

MAC Colourizations Collection for Fall 2014

You can easily create ultra seductive and vampy look by highlighting your eyes with MAC new collection. Chic lineup of vibrant eyeshadows and eyeliners signed Colourizations is another gorgeous edition by MAC that will spice up your look with ultra flattering shades.

MAC Colourizations line for Fall 2014

MAC eyeshadow palette is a fabulous eyeshadow kit that includes two contrasting shades for bold eye makeup. You may first think that the colors are mismatched, however the combination of the shades will create breathtaking and sophisticated look.

MAC Semi Precious Makeup Collection for Summer 2014

As you know diamonds and makeup are girl’s best friends and MAC new collection is based on this concept. Chic parade of luxurious makeup products signed Semi Precious will arm you up all the necessary things for your beautiful makeover.

Summer 2014 Makeup Collection

mac semip reicous mineral izeskin finish

MAC Semi Precious collection is all about glittery and vibrant shades that will pamper look and make you stand out in a crowd with your breathtaking image. If you liked the idea of having luxurious look without paying high price for it, check out MAC Semi Precious makeup collection and pick you favorites.

MAC Perfectly Finished Collection for 2014 spring

The first condition of fabulous and eye catching look is flawless skin tone, that’s why many brands offer wide variety of foundations and primers for perfect makeup. It is really difficult to find the one that will be suitable for your skin type and tone. MAC has launched gorgeous collection of makeup products that will arm you up with necessary things for flawless skin tone.


MAC new collection signed Perfectly Finished features high class Mineralize products that will surely become the most beloved items from your personal collection. Lightweight formula of the products will be perfect for spring and summer. Wide palette of colors will give you a chance to find the most suitable product for your skin tone, so check out the brief gallery of MAC Perfectly Finished collection and choose your favorites.

Eye makeup Trends 2014

The eyes are considered to be the gateway to the soul and it is utterly important to know few application techniques that will help you to define your glimpse. New season is all about natural as well as vibrant hues that will help you to create desired look. If you are still rookie in the art of beauty, you can learn few tricks that will add dimension and magnetic twist to your eyes.

Eye Makeup Trends 2014

Talking about eye makeup tendencies for 2014 the first thing to be mentioned is natural and subtle makeup that will boost your sensuality and natural beauty. Depending on your skin tone you can choose earthy tones or pale pink eyeshadow hue; you can also use eyeliner to define your glimpse. Complete your eye makeup with mascara to oomph up your lashes.