Hottest Celebrity Makeup Looks for Summer 2014

Every year fashion and makeup tendencies change and every year we turn to celebrities for inspiration. Latest red carpet event is the best source of inspiration for the best and the hottest makeup looks and hairstyles trends so if you are looking for new ways to enhance your natural beauty and femininity, check out this brief gallery of hottest celebrity makeup looks and practice your application skills to copy the most beloved image.

As we are talking about makeup ideas for summer you should keep on hand bright and glittery shades that will help you to create luscious look. The secret of celebrity perfect makeup is high class makeup products so try to use high quality products in order to create long lasting and flawless makeup.

rihanna_makeup_2014Proper eye makeup is the best way to boost your sensuality. There are numerous ways to accentuate your eyes and it is not an easy thing to find the most flattering style. Rihanna’s stunning eye makeup will be just perfect for both daytime and evening makeup. You will be able to create breathtaking look with minimal makeup so keep on hand your favorite products and copy her sexy look. Apply black eyeliner on the upper and the lower lashline. For more defined glimpse take grey, brown or green pencil eyeliner and apply on the waterline. At last magnify your lashes with mascara to oomph up the volume and length of your lashes. You can also opt for falsies for more dramatic and flirty look. Complete your sexy┬ámakeup with bronze blush and sheer lip gloss or fruity lipstick for more joyful look.

celebrity makeup 2014

Another smashing look to be considered is Lily Collins’s makeup look from Vanity Fair Oscar Party that will inspire you to create natural yet seductive look. The most important thing about such look is illuminating skin tone without imperfections. You can achieve desired look with the help of high class concealer and lightweight foundation if needed. Peach or rosy blush will highlight your cheeks and give your skin fresh look. At last finish the look by applying false eyelashes and coating them with volumizing mascara.

celebrity_makeup_ideas 2014

Last but not least image to be mentioned is Olivia Wilde’s evening makeup that looks very elegant and feminine. If you long for some drama, opt for shimmery eyeshadow hues that will add diamond sparkle to your look. Use golden and green shades to define your glimpse. Make sure you blend the colors for perfect and flawless look. If you want to add dimension to your eyes, apply grey or brown pencil eyeliner on the waterline. At last finish your eye makeup with 3 coats of mascara. Highlight your cheeks with a blush and finish the look with nude lipstick that will give your lips velvety feel.



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